Our Mission

“Our mission is to provide renewable energy to all communities with sustainable access to solar power and cutting-edge technology, structured to support growth, not additional debt.”

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Why choose solar?


We have a nation-wide footprint focused on commercial solar projects and solar energy production. With industrial and commercial buildings, parking lots, and land covering this country; there is a lot of space available to generate real energy. If you have commercial property, naked rooftops, open parking lots, then you can generate energy, often at no cost to you. This is the perfect time to explore your options and benefit from the property you have.

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Battery storage is the missing piece that makes solar energy production truly viable. We are solving this problem with cutting edge solutions. We have a new battery product entering the market made of a salt-silica compound that is more efficient, longer lasting, and most importantly safer than Lithium Ion, not to mention better for the environment. The ASTERA Bolt is truly a game changer.

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American Auto along with federal, state, and city governments have decided our vehicles are going electric. This is no longer a thought, it is reality. With that in mind, where will we all charge our cars? ASTERA in partnership with EV-Loop are answering this by creating a nationwide network of real charging solutions. Now is the time for commercial property owners to come on board. Let us show you how we can create secondary cash flow out of your parking lot.

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